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Welcome to WilliamBowes.com

I am a Criminologist / Sociologist currently attending graduate classes at the University of New Mexico.  I received a BA degree in Criminology with a minor in Sociology in 2014. Please use the navigation bar in the top left of the site to navigate sections.

My primary areas of study are related to crime though I do occasionally obsess over other things.  I study the reasons and causes behind crime.  I am primarily a conflict criminologist.  This means that I apply a Marxist perspective to criminology.  It is the change process (in capitalist society) that leads to social conflict.  Social Conflict in turn leads to crime.  However, that perspective does not explain all aspects of crime which is why I often take into account some of the tenants of structural functionalism.

60 Signs You Studied Sociology in College

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About the Site

The nature of this site is primarily academic.  I like to share some of my research ideas with the public at large in hopes that I can further the field.  It also functions as a repository for useful materials as well as giving me the ability to share material with my colleagues.

All of the material here not specifically attributable to me is of an academic nature and assumed to be in the public domain and is publicly available.  I just aggregate it here either because I find it interesting or I use it frequently in my research or schoolwork.  All material on this website generated by me is copyrighted material and as such shall not be used unless attributed to the author.

If you wish to use any original material here please email me here and I will be happy to discuss it with you.  If you find flaws with any of my work or anything else relevant let me know here.

The navigation menu at the top will take you to the various sections of the website as well as bring you back to the home page. 



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