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This site is used to highlight my academic career at the University of New Mexico as well as post documents that I find interesting or useful in my research.  This site is generally for private use but if you find something interesting let me know.

The material on this website is for academic purposes only.  The majority of the documents not directly attributable to me are assumed to be in the public domain unless otherwise noted.  I work in a number of different areas, so the documents here will sometimes seem disjointed, that is just the way I work.  I will post not only documents that I use in my research but also things that I generate from that research.  So if you catch something that I did wrong, or you know of something that I may not have included I would love to know about it.  I will keep this site updated often so enjoy.

I am a Criminology / Sociology major.  No I am not going to become a Social Worker.  Generally I study how the social world works.  I primarily look at the causes of crime and delinquency but more specifically I figure out how criminals behave and how to alter that behavior.

Some of these documents are very rough and others are not.  I hope that some of the information here may be of help to some of you, if it is I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

60 Signs You Studied Sociology in College


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