Betting On Myself

How a $1,000 bet is injecting me with artificial motivation.

I’ve often found benefit in self-induced challenges. In 2021 I completed the 75 Hard Challenge with some buddies. The challenge was simple, the hard part was the consistency.

It had 5 rules:

It was surprisingly difficult to push through and achieve all of these tasks on top of my already packed day. But nevertheless, my friends and I completed the challenge. The biggest mindset shift I got out of this challenge was this… I could always find the time and energy when I prioritized high enough. I loved what I gained from the challenge. Before, I would have thought, “No way do I have time for 2 workouts a day!”.

I started to incorporate the Artificial Motivation and Habit Building of a good challenge into new “self-challenges” that were more in-line with accomplishing my personal goals.

Using this information, I had to decide, what is a template for a “great challenge”?

High Stakes + Tight Deadlines = Results

For 75 Hard:

For my Newest Challenge:



  1. Dedicated a minimum of 1 hour to focused attention towards your goals. but, 3 hrs on the weekend.
  2. Post on MFL and email yourself every day on your progress
    1. Document Daily goals / weekly actionable goals / Monthly / Sync with 1mo-1yr-5yr plan
  3. Yoga 3x/week, Workout 3x/week
  4. Read 10 pages per day about solving a problem you are having


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